BioPharmaceutical Company
Our mission
Our mission is to improve the quality and lifetime of patients.

We develop and implement innovative approaches in biopharmaceutics, focusing on patients suffering from socially significant diseases.

Every patient in the world has the right to quality treatment. Our goal is to make it available.

Who we are
RUS BIOPHARM was founded on September 3, 2012 as an integrated biopharmaceutical company with a full production cycle of:

  • Genetically engineered biological products - biosimilars
  • Innovative Medicines
  • Drugs for targeted therapy of socially significant diseases
We are focused on the production of complex generics and biosimilars for the treatment of severe and socially significant diseases, including rare (orphan) diseases, which are the most difficult to treat.
RUS BIOPHARM conducts continuous development of already known drugs, world leading generics and new combinations of drugs not previously registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. The introduction of new combinations of known monotherapies leads to a decrease in the number of needed drug intakes, to the elimination of drug intake skip, to preventing an unintended decrease in the dose amount, which ultimately improves the life quality of patients.
The company is also engaged in its own innovative development and production of genetically engineered biotechnological products, especially for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, which are the most intractable disorders of the immune system.
For whom do we work
  • For people in need of high-quality and affordable medicines
  • For the development of innovation and import substitution, as key factors for effective drug provision for citizens
drugs under development and registration
of them are genetically engineered biological products
dosage forms are being produced by the PSK PHARMA biopharmaceutical complex
Our team
RUS BIOPHARM is a team of highly trained professionals with vast experience and key knowledge of the pharmaceutical field
Satya Karm Punia
President and founder of the group of companies RUS BIOPHARM
Olga Turchaninova
Director General PSK PHARMA
Sumit Seth
Head of International Business Development RUS BIOPHARM
Denis Novakovsky
Head of Business Development Department RUS BIOPHARM


More than 30 specialists assure the development of pharmaceutical formulations (R&D)


More than 150 high-performance jobs provide PSK Pharma activities in Special economic zone Dubna in Moscow region
Lead therapeutic areas
RUS BIOPHARM implements the strategy of import substitution in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on the development and production of complex and expensive drugs from the list of Vital and Essential Drugs.
Along with the production of generic drugs and biosimilars, the company is actively developing, registering and launching on the Russian market original medicines for socially significant areas of medicine with improved characteristics.
Lead therapeutic areas are the following
Assisted Reproductive Technologies – EF
Anesthesiology and resuscitation medicine
Orphan diseases

Genetically engineered biologicals
One of the key focus areas of RUS BIOPHARM is the development and production of genetically engineering biological products (biosimilars) for the treatment of serious, socially significant diseases in such areas as rheumatology, oncohematology, gastroenterology, assisted reproductive technologies and a number of others
And more than 4 biotechnological products at the development stage (R&D)

Inhalation drugs
Pulmonary sphere is one of the key focus areas and RUS BIOPHARM develops a wide range of drugs for the treatment of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in all available dosage forms: aerosols for inhalation, powders for inhalation, solutions and suspensions for inhalation
Metered-dose inhaler
And more than 4 innovative products at the development stage (R&D)
Dry powder inhalers
And more than 5 innovative products at the development stage (R&D)
Solutions and suspensions for inhalation
More than 7 innovative products are under development (R&D)

Sterile injectables
RUS BIOPHARM develops a wide range of drugs for use in the hospital segment, such as the latest generation of antibiotics, antimycotics, proton pump inhibitors, and a number of other vital and essential drugs (VED). Three dosage forms are available for production: lyophilisates, solutions and concentrates
More than 13 drugs are under development (R&D)

Solid dosage forms
Solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules) are among the most requested. RUS BIOPHARM develops drugs for the treatment of such socially significant diseases as HIV infection, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and a number of others
More than 4 products are under development (R&D)

The biopharmaceutical complex PSK PHARMA carries out high-tech production with a specialization in world-competitive innovative products with high value-adding
We use the latest technologies, high-tech methods,
processes and means of production, can be characterized by:
Relatively high and stable costs of R&D over a long period of time
Stable number of highly skilled workers engaged in R&D processes, whose share in the total number of the company employees exceeds the industry average values
A relatively frequent change not only of the range of products, but also in the methods and technologies of their production
Higher than the industry average depreciation rate of the active part of fixed capital
Pharmaceutical formulations
Metered-dose inhaler
Dry powder inhalers
Metered-dose solutions
for inhalation
Lyophilisatesfor injectable solution preparation
Solutions and concentrates for injections
Solid dosage forms
Genetically engineered biologicals – Injectable solutions
Production line for chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances
Production line for biological synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances

Quality control
All output products are manufactured at a modern plant set up in 2019. The plant is equipped with all the necessary production and analytical equipment, which allows to reproduce modern methods of production and drug analysis
For example, the Impactor of a new generation (NGI) is used to analyze inhalation forms. This allows to determine the exact amount of active ingredient that penetrates the lungs during inhalation (particles from 1 to 5 microns), this is an important characteristic of these dosage forms
The availability of the modern Sympatec device for analyzing the distribution of particle sizes allows you to quickly determine the quality of the raw materials used for the production of inhalation forms
Microbiological and analytical laboratories have the necessary equipment for the analysis of biotechnological products with modern techniques, including cell lines usage

Our multinational team brings together professionals in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry. We are constantly developing and striving to implement advanced innovative solutions for the benefit of patients.
If you want to become part of the RUS BIOPHARM team, we are waiting for your resumes at
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    Moscow, 123100
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    Business Center Moscow-City
    Federation Tower (East), E1 Office
    Phone: +7 (499)400 16 99
    Production site, Dubna
    Moscow region, Dubna,
    SEZ TVT "Dubna"
    St. Programmers, factory PSK PHARMA